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Document.all not working in ie11

Apr 09,  · Re: nn8802.commentById("ID") not working! Not all HTML coding or sites are the same. In Google case, you have a form, so you need to give a value to the form and then submit it. Oct 03,  · Copy & Paste using IE11 does not work IE11 using Windows 7 will not copy & paste into a YouTube Comment area however it will copy & paste into the YouTube Title Search Window. Chrome does copy & paste in either window so this confirms the issue is with IE Mar 20,  · IE 11 doesn't execute typical javascript statements like,, docume Mar 19, AM | samir_patel | LINK I have application which run well.

Document.all not working in ie11

[It also appears to work (for me) in E11/Edge & HTML5; YMMV on this last This would allow but not all(name), all[id]. At the biggest change is the removal of "", which has also Trying to use "childNodes" returns all nodes, whether HTML elements or not, and a single web page that used "" to work on IE10 and IE IE 11 no longer supports the JavaScript code for, the alternative they TY, we will do some testing, and see if there are issues. Actually and is obsolete in Internet Explorer version 11 so you can use alternate code for this: document. document. EDIT: Actually, you don't need to call getElementById at all - you already have the element in the inputelements array: Hide Copy. when check in firefox getting error Error: is undefined Line: modern browsers, and allows you to avoid compatibility issues. I have application which run well all) browser. Suddenly Can you suggest any solution to fix my javascript issues for IE 11?. |` is a Microsoft extension, and should be replaced by the W3C DOM which was replaced by IE5 in , and is not supported by IE11 or later. Either way, I think Edge matters a lot more than IE11 at this point. We do not want new content developed in WebKit to not work in other browsers because it relies I mean, in not listed in the standard. For two years, Microsoft has been the lone browser maker to not Engine 3 to Chrome and Firefox running in JavaScript in four days, . was the IE way of getting an element reference. is now flagged as a falsy.] Document.all not working in ie11 IE 11 brings about a few changes that will bring it into line with many of the more advanced browsers which is a good thing. However with this update a few items have been deprecated. IE 11 no longer supports the JavaScript code for, the alternative they are suggesting is nn8802.commentById(). when I run this in IE8 working fine but where as in IE11 I am getting nn8802.commentById(inputelements[0].name) as null or undefined. I am not sure how to fix this for IE can anyone please help. Specifically, was introduced for IE4 BEFORE nn8802.commentById had been introduced. So, the presence of means that the code is intended to support IE4, or is trying to identify the browser as IE4 (though it could have been Opera), or the person who wrote (or copied and pasted) the code wasn't up on the latest. I have application which run well IE 10 (all) browser. Suddenly I checked compliance with IE 11 and my javascript starts fail. Que-1 It doesn't work for collection. I say close because it works just fine in Firefox (go figure) but doesn't appear to be working correctly in IE. IE just will not load the video using the "objectSrc" id. If I move the source video from the javascript into the actual object, then it loads and plays the video (it still doesn't resize the window correctly). But when I ran the exact same code ("q").Value = "TestString"), it still did not put "TestString" into the google search box. Since only excel and IE are involved in this task, why would defragmenting my drive and registry help?. In IE you can pretty much change any DOM element because the DOM objects implement IDispatchEx. potential cause 2: your program is calling the DOM in another thread and the proxy/stub registration of IE interfaces to make cross threading calls work is broken on those machines. Intresting. Looks like IE will fire event handlers registered via traditional method before it will handlers registered via attachEvent() This causes your function to run before the link gets an. How to fix ‘Internet explorer has stopped working’ error, Freezing issues, Crashing issues? Solved Answer. As Windows 10 has already launched with a new Microsoft Edge Browser. But still if you are a fan of internet explorer and getting these errors like Internet Explorer has stopped working, Freezing, Crashing etc. It can be due to a 3rd. Dear Microsoft, I was reading the MSDN article article Web UI Automation with Windows PowerShell. When I am testing the script of DOM manipulation I found that the getElementbyID() method could not work under IE I have investigated the problem and I found that activeX control and HTML page are handled as content process in IE11 that runs as 32 bit browser application. Since my control is built in 64 bit that’s why 32 bit browser is not supporting 64 bit ActiveX control. I tried few solution to run IE browser in 64 bit, but that also didn’t work for me. Join a community of over m developers to have your questions answered on Click events not working in IE 11 of UI for AJAX General Discussions. New here?. Because older websites are now just working, we’ve decided that Internet Explorer 10 document mode will be the last new document mode. Instead, developers will need to move to using the IE11 document mode going forward. Document mode selection flowchart. This flowchart shows how IE11 works when document modes are used. Click this link to. I've tried with IE Tester and Hi There, i'm a javascript newbie. Based on the book "Simply Javascript", i can't seem to get the getElementsByClassName function to work on IE. When working correctly, nn8802.commentById() should return the element object whose id attrbute matches the one specified in the call. The Internet Explorer Problem. IE works correctly on elements that CAN'T have a name attribute. It works incorrectly, however, on elements that can. Hi,I can't get JavaScript to work on a Windows 10 using IE All the guides I've read for enabling JavaScript just say to enable active scripting under the security settings bu Javascript not working in IE11 - Windows 10 - Spiceworks. Internet Explorer browser of versions 10 and older can be detected in JavaScript by checking existence of the nonstandard object available only in IE10 and older. Exact version of IE can be detected by additional checking of existence of standard global objects added in specific IE versions.


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